Li Tao

1971       Born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China

1995       Graduated from Oil Painting Dpt. Of Henan University, Kaifeng with a B. A.

1998       Graduated from Printmaking Dpt. of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan with an M.A

He currently lives and works in Beijing.

Li Tao explores mixed materials, media, and experiences. Through the combination and collision of various materials (wood, aluminum, iron, wax, to name a few) beyond the conventional, the optical and visual changes are explored. Contrary to the concept of traditional 3D sculpture, Li Tao’s works have a certain degree of planarity, but at the same time, a multi-layered depth. Moreover, as opposed to conventional standards, Li Tao pays more attention to the relationship between works and space. He would use the whole space as a canvas to construct his works, enhance them with more possibilities in a spatial presentation. He attempts to offset and eliminate tangible feelings of traditional sculpture to form a spontaneous combination of his ideologies with a new environment.


Box in Box-5

Iron, GRG, polystyrene
191.5 x 98 x 71 cm

A3: Guys

GRG, paint on iron, color on wood
Variable Sizes

A2: Gloves & Chanel & Washboard

GRG, iron, wood, and ready made objects
125 x 95 x 12 cm

Us 1: White+Black

GRG, iron, wood
55 x 200 x 55 cm

Us 2: B-Base

GRG, iron, wood
Variable Sizes

Us 3: Pengzhou Bubble

GRG, iron, wood
95 x 160 x 100 cm

C7: All by Myself

Acrylic and paint on canvas
200 x 270 cm

C8: Chocolate Factory

GRG, iron, wood
Variable Sizes

They 2: Polystyrene Box 2

GRG, iron, wood, glass
84.5 x 127 x 17 cm

E1: Ice Cream Factory

GRG, iron, wood
Variable Sizes

E2: Paopao

GRG, Iron
60 x 38.5 x 7 cm

Happy Birthday

GRG, iron, polyester
165 x 84 x 84 cm

Miss Shanghai

Iron, hard wood, acrylic, POM plate, fluorine plate, stainless steel
121 x 58 x 69 cm

North Sentry

Iron, acrylic, stainless steel, nylon, cement, EVA
219.5 x 126 x 83 cm


mixed media
160 x 71.5 x 22 cm

Tower of Babel 6

Aluminum, mixed media
222 x 19.8 x 19.8 cm + 99.3 x 99.3 cm



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