Year Month Day – Mu Boyan’s new solo exhibition

2009.06.27 – 2009.08.31

Press Release

From the end of last year, I travelled between the leather market, the electronic mall, the hairdressing supplies market, flower market and building materials market frequently. I invited the expert of fur craft, mechanic designer and decorators to help me. I served as a sculpture, a hair dresser, a dentist and some other roles in this process. During the process of making Doberman pinscher, we dyed the cow skin into black or brown, cut the hair down piece by piece and transplanted them onto the silicone model. We calculated carefully and strictly on the color distribution, growth trend and the length thickness. We promoted the dog’s hair to grow by the speed of five square centimeters per day. And at the same time, after several tedious mechanical debugging, we gradually made it breathing. And finally it became a lively Doberman pinscher.

I think I experienced an “act of creation” and make a little attempt which is tiny different from before on the basis of realism—to capture the images in the Present Continuous Tense. Accumulating the complicated work gains some small achievements: cat is snoring, dog is breathing, steamed-bun is still hot, charcoal fire is still burning and a balcony in the afternoon. These achievements are my intervention to those weenie experiences of life. I mobilize all my energy to touch those dribs and drabs. I preserved these detailed moments in a few scenes, and reproduce certain occurrence in certain place at certain time and through these fragmented traces to self-visit.

I hope the steam of the steamed-bun can stimulate a tiny bit of appetite, the light of charcoal can bring the warmth of home, seeing the cat’s belly can make people feel our own breath. And I also hope through the presentation of these works to measure the distance between people and the well-being.

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