Ice Hole – Yang Qiong New Works

2016.03.13 – 2016.05.13

Press Release

Thank you for coming to my new exhibition – “Ice Hole”.

“Ice Hole” is a kindly cultural prank. It’s an artistic practice to deconstruct elite culture and traditional aesthetics by using popular and internet culture. “Ice Hole” – direct translated by three Chinese words, the true meaning is “Insane” which has the similar Chinese pronunciation. The word invented from internet, it’s a beautiful way to say “insane”, it’s a mixture of elegant form and vulgar connotation, and it’s artfully summarized the overall appearance of this exhibition.

“Ice Hole” is more like a collection of cold humor, presenting 10 of my varied recent works. All works are based on traditional old objects, by using 3D modeling, scanning, 3D printing and such digital technology to modify their external, and create fashionable story from the old school feeling. Compare with earlier works, “Ice Hole” has a value orientation changes, it no longer like “The Pond” to expressing a silent situation or an aesthetics moan, but jumping out from material, order and theory to present the art; these new works are literary narrative under mass context, they are deconstruction for some conventional nobility values.

From 2013 to 2016 (The last solo exhibition to this solo exhibition), it’s my significant period, to feel the speed of evolution; very lively, and very festinate. The mature of mobile information technology, no longer brings the efficiency improvement, but the transformation of the operational logic of the whole society. This transformation is deeply changes people’s lifestyle, activity even concept. Various gossip news, business promotions, Internet start-up, talent shows are quickly squeezing everyone’s sight, then a strange phenomenon occurs: the concern, is replacing the content ,becoming the core of people’s daily, everything is quickly consumed, the generation unprecedented get into an fickle state. For art creation, for myself, is a genuine new environment.

People of my generation, the most interesting part is that our body still pass down some idealism from the elders, we have goals, have insisted, have love, chasing poems and distance; while the other part is infected by junior such as life attitudes, less responsibility, lack of trust, open, doing whatever we want, going where we like. I thought I was going to be a serious person, at least I was positioned as that, later I found, our status can be changed while the environment is changed, and now, I am inside the evolution, I will materialize the evolution into this exhibition.

Hope you enjoy the exhibition.

Yang Qiong, Beijing

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