I Love Modernism – Sheng Tianhong New Works

2016.05.29 – 2016.07.20

Press Release

“I Love Modernism” is the 3rd solo exhibition of artist Sheng Tianhong in AYE Gallery. From the “Color Addicted”, “Love in Digital Age” to today’s “I Love Modernism”. “Color Addicted” in 2010 showed great passion on the red wall, full of hope and confidence after coming back to motherland. Three years after, “Love in Digital Age,” became calm. After frustration, it was in grief and depression. “I Love Modernism” probably is a personal cry and defend, even with nostalgic warmth, the admiration to beauty will suddenly be flooded by a tidal wave of this era, but these works are still blinked to you, with smile.

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