Blank Cheque

2017.03.11 – 2017.04.22

Press Release

Artists:Chen Wenji、Chen Yufan、Ji Dachun、Li Dazhi、Luo Mingjun、Shi Xinji、Wang Yabin

The beginning of Contemporary Fine Arts relationship to AYE gallery dates back to 2012 when we happened to have booths next to each other at Art Basel Hong Kong. We had absolutely no experience with each other at that time. The ice was broken rapidly by both directors’ curiosity to art and thirsts for the new. Several years later, on the occasion of the Georg Baselitz solo show “Sigmund” at AYE gallery last Fall, a so far climax of our relationship, I had the pleasure of visiting some artists’ studios. I was impressed by the each of them and the quality of their works.
The variety of AYE Gallery’s artists and their quality lead my partner Bruno Brunnet and myself to the idea to invite AYE gallery to curate an exhibition together with a selection of artists they represent. It was important for us to select some artists which would be most interesting for a Western audience. A “blank cheque” is by definition a cheque bearing a signature but no stated amount and thus requires confidence in its recipient. This is just the trust what we give to AYE.

Contemporary Fine Arts
Nicole Hackert

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