Luo Mingjun

1963       Born in Sichuan province, grow up in Hunan province, China

1983       Graduated from Fine Arts Studies, Hunan Normal University, China

1983-87  Assistant Lecturer, Fine Arts Faculty, Hunan Normal University

Luo Mingjun lives and works in Switzerland and China.

The experience of living in Switzerland has enabled Luo Mingjun to continuously explore memory bonds under different cultural backgrounds. In her mottled and faded group photos, the white border seems to have been chipped away by time, churning infinite imagination. This is not so much an outline of the real “self” and the epoch as an extension of “homeland” that is closely associated with modern life. The face of alumni may be indistinguishable, but the emotional connections are clearly there. Meanwhile, it is inevitably associated with earlier life experiences of childhood and youth. Luo Mingjun’s works are delicate and simple. They are the carrier of her personal memory and a retrospective redepiction of the lost era. Luo Mingjun tried to find out the artistic creation of memory for her hometown. All kinds of containers and utensils often appear in her pictures, which brews for a nostalgic emotion. Her works are the recognition of memory at the moment when tradition and memory are chipping away, and also a way to reconstruct traditional memory and self-memory. Memory is not only a negative homesickness gesture, but also a historical depth, asking questions about the past and exploring the future.


I Walk Beside You No. 14

Oil on canvas
55 x 45 cm

I Walk Beside You No. 13

Oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm

I Walk Beside You No. 6

Oil on Canvas

Stroll 1+2

Charcoal on paper
75x56cm x2

I saw you

Charcoal, ink on paper
30 x 42 cm

The Wind Blows

Mixed media
20 x 30 cm


Oil on canvas
110 x 150 cm

Here and Now

Oil on canvas
180 x 280 cm

Story of Apple

Charcoal on paper
70 x 50 cm

Bike II

Oil on canvas
110 x 150 cm



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